Daniel Thorek

Daniel Thorek
About Daniel Thorek
  • Treatment of advanced, metastatic prostate cancer, although greatly improved with new treatments, still represents an unmet medical need.
  • Prostate cancer expresses a molecule called hK2 (human Kallikrein 2), an enzyme similar to PSA.
  • Dr. Thorek proposes to direct lethal, alpha-emitting isotope to prostate cancer tumors with a protein that targets hK2. This radioisotope will be internalized by the tumor cell and will result in its total destruction.

What this means for patients: The specific delivery of a radioisotope to prostate tumors represents a new therapy for advanced, metastatic prostate cancer.


2013 Steve Wynn-PCF Young Investigator

Daniel Thorek, PhD

Johns Hopkins University


David Scheinberg, MD, PhD and Steve Larson, MD

Project Title

Alpha-particle therapy by 225Actinium-labeled prostate kallikrein-specific antibody to eradicate advanced disease