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David S. Finley
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Obesity increases the risk of developing prostate cancer and most major cancers. New data suggests that adipose tissue (body fat), now considered an “organ,” is capable of secreting numerous molecules involved in inflammation and cancer cell proliferation and survival. Fat around organs (e.g. prostate fat) is biologically different than other types of peripheral fat (e.g. abdominal wall). Dr. Finley hypothesizes that fat overlying the prostate may be directly involved in prostate cancer carcinogenesis and that periprostatic fat is a “micro-organ” that may regulate tumor growth and aggressiveness. Dr. Finley previously presented the first data to show that organ-specific fat may promote prostate tumorigenesis. His project will examine a wider array of cancer-associated proteins in the prostate fat and their affect on disease progression.


The 2010 Lynda and Stewart Resnick – PCF Young Investigator Award

David S. Finley, MD

University of California, Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA


Robert Reiter, MD, Professor, Urology, Molecular Biology, Co-Director of the Prostate and Genitourinary Oncology Program, Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, Director of Urologic Research, at the University of California, Los Angeles .