Douglas G. McNeel, MD, PhD

Douglas G. McNeel, MD, PhD
About Douglas G. McNeel, MD, PhD

Dr. Douglas McNeel is currently a genitourinary medical oncologist in the University of Wisconsin Health System with a clinical and research focus on prostate cancer immunology. Dr. McNeel also serves as a Professor of Medicine on the faculty of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. Since 1997 he and his laboratory have studied vaccines for prostate cancer, specifically identifying antigens to target in vaccines, testing the ability of vaccines to eliminate prostate cancer cells, and translating these studies to human clinical trials. Dr. McNeel’s research is translational in nature, taking results from the laboratory to clinical testing and back again to the laboratory. He has trained over 40 post-doctoral fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students in laboratory research, and to date Dr. McNeel has conducted (or is conducting) 6 separate clinical trials using DNA vaccines developed in his laboratory. He has also been principal investigator for over 20 investigator-initiated clinical trials, primarily focused on immune-based treatment approaches. As a physician-scientist with research experience in the laboratory and clinic, and focused on the development and evaluation of new cancer therapies, Dr. McNeel previously served as co-leader of the Experimental Therapeutics Program of the UW Carbone Cancer Center and currently serves as UWCCC Director of Solid Tumor Immunology Research. Dr. McNeel earned his MD and PhD from the University of Chicago

PCF Awards

2001 PCF Young Investigator Award
2014 Challenge Award
2017 Challenge Award