Dr. Glenn Liu

Dr. Glenn Liu
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As prostate cancer advances and spreads, it homes in on the bones. Monitoring the establishment and spread of cancerous tumors in the bone poses a major challenge. It is also crucial for the evaluation of anti-cancer therapies in patients for tracking both individual lesions and total disease progression in the bone. Dr. Liu, with his team of notable experts in prostate cancer drug development, nuclear medicine and quantitative molecular imaging, is evaluating a novel tool for tracking the spread of prostate cancer and treatment response using 18F-Sodium fluoride (NaF), which is highly specific for cancerous bone lesions. Imaging NaF in the bone with periodic PET/CT scans will help study both the spread of prostate cancer to the bone and the effectiveness of medications that target prostate cancer bone metastases. Dr. Liu and his team will also evaluate different Imaging Biomarkers of Clinical Response (IBCR) that can confidently report the effectiveness of treatment and select the strongest biomarker demonstrating the highest detection rate.
Potential patient benefit: The work of Dr. Liu and his team has the potential to deliver greater confidence to patients and their physicians through enhanced diagnostic and treatment response tools.

Dr. Glenn Liu, MD –

UW Carbone Cancer Center Imaging Biomarkers of Treatment Response Using NaF PET/CT Imaging: a Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium (PCCTC) Effort


Michael Morris; William Dahut, MD; Steven Larson, MD; Peter Choyke, MD; Robert Jeraj, PhD