Ganesh Raj

Ganesh Raj, MD, PhD
About Ganesh Raj

Dr. Ganesh Raj is a surgeon-scientist with both an active clinical practice and devoted research laboratory who specializes in all aspects of urologic oncology, including the treatment of prostate, bladder, kidney, testes, and penile cancers. Clinically, Dr. Raj is an experienced and highly- regarded prostate cancer surgeon known for performing a number of complex cases, including robotic salvage prostatectomies after prior radiation. This clinical expertise helps him identify critical needs for patients with advanced cancer, forming the basis for the translational efforts of his laboratory. His basic science research laboratory efforts are focused on role of nuclear receptors as drivers of oncogenesis and therapeutic resistance in prostate as well as breast cancers.

Dr. Raj has authored several high-impact publications in prestigious journals such as the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Lancet Oncology, Cancer, and Molecular and Cellular Biology, and serves as reviewer for several peer-reviewed journals in the field of urology and oncology. He was recently elected as only the third urologist ever into the American Society of Clinical Investigation.

PCF Awards

2008 PCF Young Investigator Award