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Glenn Liu, MD
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Developing a Novel Quantitative Total Bone Imaging (QTBI) Methodology to Assess Treatment Response in Metastatic Prostate Cancer
The lack of ability to measure tumor response in bone has greatly hindered prostate cancer drug development. This project will evaluate the role of functional, qualitative, total bone imaging to assess therapeutic response to new medicines in bone metastases. A PET/CT scan index will be established to estimate percent bone involvement and to determine total burden of disease in bone.

Potential patient benefit: Development and measurement of this imaging biomarker will accelerate our ability to count cancer cells in patients and will speed the drug development process by more accurately and rapidly assessing tumor response in bone. The method may provide physicians with a better way to assess the progression and regression of prostate cancer.


The Susan and James Blair-PCF Creativity Award


Assistant Professor of Medicine


University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health UW Carbone Cancer Center