Hao Hu

Hao Hu
About Hao Hu
  • Dr. Hu’s research program will focus on the mechanisms of prostate cancer initiation and progression. He and his team have identified the protein EMI1 (Early Mitotic Inhibitor 1) as playing a crucial role in disease development and progression by interacting with the androgen receptor, the primary driver of prostate cancer.
  • His team will study the role of EMI1 on the progression of prostate cancer to disease that is resistant to treatment.
  • Inactivation of EMI1 may be a therapeutic strategy against the development and progression of treatment- resistant prostate cancer.

What this means to patients: EMI1 represents a potential target for new drug development. If successful, patients would have a new therapy to prevent resistance to treatment of advanced disease.


2013 PCF China Young Investigator in Honor of Stanley Zax

Hao Hu, MD, MBBS

People’s Hospital, Peking University


Kexin Xu, MD, MBBS and Xiaofeng Wang, MBBS

Project Title

EMI1 and its role in prostate cancer initiation and progression.