Irfan Asangani

Irfan Asangani
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The organization of DNA into super-structures is an ordered and normal process of cell growth that is dysregulated in cancer.

Chemical modifications of DNA have been identified by Dr. Irfan Asangani as a potential driver of cancer progression.
One protein, MMSET, in this dysregulated program of DNA modification has been identified as an anti-cancer target by Dr. Asangani’s mentor, PCF-funded researcher, Dr. Arul Chinnaiyan.
Inhibitors of MMSET have been discovered in this lab and will be characterized for their anti-cancer properties in the course of this research.
What this means to patients: Dr. Asangani has identified a new target with a novel mechanism of action for prostate cancer therapy. A new experimental medicine targeting this protein will be developed for the treatment of advanced, metastatic prostate cancer.


2013 The Republic of Tea-PCF Young Investigator

Irfan Asangani, PhD

University of Michigan


Arul Chinnaiyan, MD, PhD

Project Title

Characterization and therapeutic targeting of MMSET in prostate cancer