Jennifer Bishop

Jennifer Bishop
About Jennifer Bishop
  • Approximately 25% of patients who fail Xtandi and Zytiga present with a lethal form of prostate cancer named neuroendocrine prostate cancer (NEPC).
  • Features of NEPC include changes in hormonal sensitivity, and characteristics of cells that initiate cancer (cancer stem cells).
  • Dr. Bishop will investigate NEPC for new therapeutic targets in treatment-resistant disease.

What this means for patients: Dr. Bishop is investigating cellular mechanisms that lead to the development of resistance to Zytiga and Xtandi. This insight into the breadth of the tumor cell response mechanisms should help improve the efficacy of Xtandi and lead to the discovery of other therapeutic targets for treatment-resistant prostate cancer patients.


2013 Millennium Pharma-PCF Young Investigator

Jennifer Bishop, PhD

University of British Columbia


Martin Gleave, MD and Amina Zoubeidi, PhD

Project Title

Regulation of cell plasticity by the androgen receptor: A novel mechanism of enzalutamide (Xtandi) resistance