Jennifer Schutzman

Jennifer Schutzman
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Many genes that are critical for proper embryonic development are disregulated in human cancers. For example, Sprouty genes (Spry1 and Spry2) are both critical for neuronal and early prostate gland development and have also been shown to be downregulated in prostate cancer specimens from some men with prostate cancer. Dr. Schutzman is studying the function of Spry1 and Spry2 during prostate development as well as in prostate tumor growth (tumorigenesis). Early data suggests that Sprouty genes are important inhibitors of cellular proliferation and survival pathways critical in prostate cancer initiation and progression. Dr. Schutzman’s work will define how Spry genes function in the development of prostate cancer. Her work may provide essential information necessary to identify new therapeutic targets for the treatment of prostate cancer.


The 2010 Richard N. Merkin, MD – PCF Young Investigator Award

Jennifer Schutzman, MD, PhD

University of California, San Francisco – San Francisco, CA


Gail Martin, PhD, Professor in the Department of Anatomy at the University of California, San Francisco.