Leigh Ellis

Leigh Ellis
About Leigh Ellis

Identification of molecular drivers of prostate cancer development and progression are critical for understanding prostate cancer biology and generating new treatments.

Dr. Leigh Ellis is studying the role and therapeutic potential of targeting MYC, an oncogene implicated in many types of cancers including prostate cancer.

In this study, a recently developed, novel MYC inhibitor will be assessed for efficacy in pre-clinical prostate cancer models, administered alone and in combination with current FDA approved treatments for advanced prostate cancer: docetaxel and androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). Molecular mechanisms of MYC in promoting prostate cancer will be studied.

If successful, this study will credential MYC as a therapeutic target in prostate cancer progression.

What this means for patients: Novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of patients with aggressive prostate cancers are urgently needed. This study will delineate the biology and effectiveness of targeting the MYC oncogene with a novel drug and may lead to new, more effective treatments for patients.