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Targeting MYC-dependent metabolism in prostate cancer

The gene MYC regulates normal cellular metabolism. Mutations in MYC result in the unregulated expression of several genes involved in cell proliferation, resulting in aggressive cancers. MYC is known to play crucial roles in aggressive and metastatic prostate cancer, and rationally designing potent inhibitors of MYC has traditionally been difficult. Dr. Martin Sos plans to develop rationally designed inhibitors of the protein PRPS2, an enzyme that is up regulated in MYC-driven cancers. PRPS2 also plays a key role in the downstream signaling of MYC, therefore targeting PRPS2 might be effective in abrogating MYC activity.

Dr. Sos will evaluate these inhibitors in mouse models of prostate cancer that are MYC-driven. These studies will help establish the appropriate subtype of prostate cancer that will be best targeted by these inhibitory compounds.

Dr. Sos’ studies will also improve our understanding of all cellular pathways involved in the context of MYC-driven cancer metabolism, laying the groundwork for effective targeting of MYC-driven cancers.


The 2012 Drew Foundation – PCF Young Investigator Award

Martin Lukas Sos, MD

University of California, San Francisco


Kevan Shokat, PhD; Phillip Febbo, MD; Davide Ruggero, PhD