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Neema Jamshidi
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The ability of physicians to more accurately differentiate indolent from aggressive prostate tumors is critical to eliminate the current problem of overdiagnosis and overtreatment of many patients while missing aggressive disease in others.

Multi-parametric MRI is a powerful new imaging method that provides anatomic and functional information, but its use in prostate cancer diagnosis is not yet validated.

Dr. Neema Jamshidi will evaluate tumor characteristics and patient outcome to develop a strategy for applying multi-parametric MRI in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Pre-operative multi-parametric MRI images, histological features, and gene expression of surgically resected prostate tumors will be correlated to clinical outcomes to determine which MRI features can refine differentiation of indolent vs. aggressive disease.

If successful, this project will establish a link between multi-parametric MRI and genomic alterations in prostate cancer diagnosis.

What this means for patients: Proper differentiation of indolent vs. aggressive disease is important for determining appropriate treatment plans for patients – sparing many from overtreatment. This project will establish a mechanism for employing powerful emerging imaging and genomic technologies for the refinement of patient diagnostic procedures.


2014 Stewart Rahr-PCF Young Investigator

Neema Jamshidi, MD, PhD

University of California, Los Angeles


Michael Kuo, MD, Robert Reiter, MD

Proposal Title

Identifying Gen-Rad-Path (Genomic-Radiology-Pathology) Correlates in Patients with Indolent versus Aggressive Prostate Cancer