Nicole Simone

Nicole Simone
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  • IGF (Insulin-like Growth Factor) receptor is dysregulated during prostate cancer progression.
  • Dr. Simone and colleagues have demonstrated that caloric restriction decreases tumor growth and metastases in animal models of prostate cancer, and the activity of the IGF pathway is decreased further by radiation and chemotherapy.
  • Clinical trials involving diet modification in prostate cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy could benefit from these findings.

What this means for patients: Caloric restriction may enhance the efficacy of chemotherapy or radiation for the treatment of prostate cancer.


2013 Ben Franklin-PCF Young Investigator

Nicole Simone, MD

Thomas Jefferson University


Adam Dicker, MD, PhD, Karen Knudsen, PhD and Peter Carroll, MD

Project Title

Metabolic approaches for targeting multiple components of the IGF-1R pathway in prostate cancer