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Nikolaus Schultz
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Precision medicine is the generation of individualized patient treatment plans based on their unique tumor biology. A plethora of genomic, molecular, pathological, and clinical information is used to guide the decisions that will be made in this emerging strategy for clinical management of patients. Lack of information analysis and management tools however, are hindering the establishment of refined precision medicine methods.

Dr. Nikolaus Schultz is developing software and an infrastructure to integrate all relevant patient information databases and is creating a decision support system that will enable researchers and clinicians to visualize and interpret data to guide patient treatment plans.

This project will address a critical need for the advancement of the field of precision medicine for prostate cancer patients.

What this means for patients: Precision medicine is an emerging clinical strategy to match treatment with genomic alterations in a patient’s tumor. This strategy requires a robust infrastructure for data collection, analysis, and interpretation to generate a decision support system, which this project will establish.


2014 John A. Paulson-PCF Young Investigator

Nikolaus Schultz, PhD

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


Charles Sawyers, MD, Chris Sander, PhD

Proposal Title

A Genomics-Guided Decision Support System for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer