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Philip Saylor
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Hormonal therapy for prostate cancer causes weight gain, adversely alters cholesterol and other blood lipids, and is associated with increased risk for heart attacks and the development of type II diabetes. Dr. Saylor’s research will improve our understanding of how to counteract metabolic changes caused by hormonal therapy. Healthy adults have specialized collections of brown fat which can burn substantial amounts of calories and may be important in avoiding metabolic problems such as diabetes. Overweight and obese men have reduced amounts of brown fat. Dr. Saylor’s research will determine whether hormonal therapy for prostate cancer also causes changes in levels of healthy brown fat. His findings will advance our understanding of the mechanisms that underlie the metabolic changes caused by hormonal therapy and will promote the development of new clinical strategies to prevent these health risks.


The 2010 Stewart Rahr – PCF Young Investigator Award

Philip Saylor, MD

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center – Boston, MA


Matthew Smith, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Director of Genitourinary Oncology at Harvard Medical School and Associate Physician, Massachusetts General Hospital.