Shuang Zhao, MD

Shuang Zhao, MD
About Shuang Zhao, MD
  • Long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) such as PCAT1 and SChLAP1 have emerged as key molecular drivers, biomarkers, and potential therapeutic targets in aggressive prostate cancer. Currently only a small number of lncRNAs have been identified, which limits the understanding of their overall significance.
  • Dr. Shuang Zhao will use data from a library of 50,000 recently discovered lncRNAs to identify specific lncRNAs associated with prostate cancer patients who have poor prognoses and develop treatment resistance.
  • Specifically, he will focus on whether the lncRNA AC009478.1, which has been independently validated as a biomarker for metastatic prostate cancer, is also related to treatment resistance.
  • This detailed genetic exploration will allow identification of potential mechanisms and pathways through which AC009478.1 drives aggressive prostate cancer progression.
  • Dr. Zhao’s study will build upon first-in-field data sets to develop a detailed understanding of clinically-relevant lncRNAs in prostate cancer.

What this means for patients: Comprehensively profiling all known lncRNAs will provide the foundation for developing novel strategies that predict which prostate cancer patients will respond to specific therapies, which in turn will help personalize treatment for each unique tumor.


2015 James Litinsky–PCF Young Investigator Award


University of Michigan


Arul Chinnaiyan, MD, PhD; Felix Feng, MD

Proposal Title

Investigating Long Noncoding RNAs in Aggressive Prostate Cancer