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Abiraterone acetate (Zytiga), recently approved by the FDA for treatment for metastatic prostate cancer and soon to be approved within the European Union, is a new drug currently used after chemotherapy. As with previously approved treatments, patients invariably become resistant to abiraterone by mechanisms largely unknown. Dr. Balk and his team of cancer biology experts propose to investigate treatment resistance mechanisms in abiraterone-resistant patients. Based on these findings, the team will design new androgen receptor (AR) pathway-targeted medications that should result in durable cancer remission.
Potential patient benefit: The findings from Dr. Balk’s team will provide reasons for the failure of therapy in patients of advanced prostate cancer. This will help design more effective and targeted therapy for metastatic treatment-resistant disease.

Steven Balk, MD, PhD –

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Identifying and Exploiting Mechanisms of Response and Resistance to Androgen Receptor Pathway Directed Therapeutics


Peter Nelson, MD; Trevor Penning, PhD; Glenn Bubley, MD; Toni Choueiri, MD; Phillip Kantoff, MD; Christopher Sweeney, MD; Mary-Ellen Taplin, MD; Steven Plymate, MD; Robert B. Montgomery, MD; Robert Vessella, PhD; Lawrence True, MD; Alvin Matsumoto, MD; Elahe Mostaghel, MD, PhD