Theodoros Karantanos

Theodoros Karantanos
About Theodoros Karantanos
  • Certain oncogenic molecules in prostate cancer cells regulate cellular metabolism in the tumor microenvironment, allowing tumor cells to proliferate under harsh conditions.
  • Dr. Karantanos believes that a program of oncogenic signaling proteins is involved in lethal forms of prostate cancer.
  • Studies will be performed to assess whether targeting metabolic pathways and cell signaling pathways together can reduce the lethality of prostate cancer.

What this means for patients: Dr. Karantanos is working on identifying the underlying biologic factors that lead to the massive up-regulation of energy production pathways in tumor cells that support their rapid proliferation. This work holds the potential to identify both biomarkers and drug targets to specifically inhibit the oncogenic signaling that promotes cancer progression.


2013 David and Judy Fleischer-PCF Young Investigator

Theodoros Karantanos, MD

MD Anderson Cancer Center


Timothy Thompson, PhD and Christopher Logothetis, MD

Project Title

The role of aerobic glycolysis in the development of castrate resistant prostate cancer