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Timothy Showalter
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For prostate cancer patients at higher risk of recurrence after radical prostatectomy (RP), early adjuvant radiation therapy (RT) has been shown in randomized trials to improve PSA-relapse free survival, metastasis-free survival and overall survival. Despite evidence to support adjuvant RT, less than 20% of qualifying patients in the U.S. actually receive this treatment. A national survey conducted by Dr. Showalter and colleagues has previously shown that urologist recommendations for adjuvant RT are influenced by perceptions of RT-related toxicity. The evidence to inform these toxicity estimates is lacking. Therefore, it is essential to bridge this difference by elucidating the real-world complication rates of post-prostatectomy RT, and to critically evaluate the significance of RT timing on the risk of complications. Dr. Showalter’s findings will improve management of high-risk prostate cancer, including the influence of timing after surgery, improve cure rates for these patients, and limit complications for lower risk patients.


The 2011 Ben Franklin – PCF Young Investigator Award

Timothy Showalter, MD

University of Virginia


Adam Dicker, MD, PhD and Theresa Hyslop, PhD