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A “Moto-Fundraiser” is Banding Bikers Together To Fight Prostate Cancer

August 06, 2019
A “Moto-Fundraiser” is Banding Bikers Together To Fight Prostate Cancer

Motorcyclists are well known for supporting good causes. But motorcyclist and prostate cancer patient Don Eilenberger noticed a gap in fundraising for prostate cancer.  “What I haven’t seen is one [fundraiser] locally for prostate cancer research, which became obvious when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and found very little information about it in the motorcycle community,” Don expressed.

It isn’t just Don’s personal diagnosis that inspired this event. Almost a year ago, Don’s close friend and fellow motorcyclist Harold Gantz passed away from prostate cancer after a heroic decade-long battle. When Harold passed on, it was his family’s request that the motorcycle club make donations to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, so that is exactly what they did.


(From left to right: Harold Gantz, J. Grant Duncan, Dave Rosen, and Don Eilenberger at a 2012 NY motorcycle show lunch)

As time passed, Don couldn’t shake the thought that more could be done, and so he worked to create NJ Ride For The Cure

NJ Ride For The Cure is bringing together the four BMW motorcycle clubs in New Jersey for a DIY photo scavenger hunt. Participants will ride at their own pace and have eleven days to visit as many of the listed historic sites in New Jersey as they can. They snap a photo of themselves and their bikes as evidence and will gather on August 11 to share their photos, enjoy some food, and have a chance at some fabulous door prizes!

If you’re a motorcyclist in the NJ/NY/PA area you are cordially invited to attend the event. It’s an “all brands welcome” event – no segmentation by motorcycle type – so everyone is welcome. If you can’t participate in person ,you can donate here to support Don’s fundraiser for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Prostate cancer remains the most common non-skin cancer among men, and within Don’s motorcycle club alone, 6 out of 55 members have been diagnosed. Don Eilenberger is taking something dear to him- motorcycling – and harnessing the passion within his community to accelerate cures for prostate cancer. This “moto-fundraiser” is a wonderful example of grassroots fundraising and awareness-building at its best.  Get inspired by Don: What are you are passionate about? How can you help PCF fund lifesaving science?

For information on peer-to-peer fundraising, click here. For more information on NJ Ride for the Cure, click here.

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