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Advances in Patient Care are Helping Families

August 23, 2018

The Prostate Cancer Foundation has long been a leader in prostate cancer research and discovering treatments that have significantly helped prostate cancer patients lead better, longer lives. Over the last 25 years, PCF has brought many drugs to market that have helped fight not only prostate cancer, but cancer of all types. Now, the science of prostate cancer treatment has changed and advances in prostate cancer patient care have not only helped the patient but the entire family as well.

Josh Lang is an assistant professor and medical oncologist at the University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Carbone Cancer Center and he is committed to prostate cancer patient care and patient comfortability. “It’s more meaningful,” he states when discussing focusing on his patients and new treatments. “It’s about identifying that next new therapeutic strategy, that next new drug that we can say ‘who are the patients that will benefit from that?’”

By focusing on the biology of prostate cancer, Dr. Lang and other researchers can turn to more patient and helping those family members around them. Patients of Dr. Lang’s are now living many years past their prognosis, including a patient 15 years past his original diagnosis.

Josh Lang and PCF are looking to identify those next new drugs and treatments that will most benefit his patients and provide them with the best quality of life so that they can enjoy their lives with their families.