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PCF Statement on Dr. Francis Collins’ Recent Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

The Prostate Cancer Foundation would like to thank Dr. Collins for going public with his prostate cancer diagnosis, spurring men and families to talk about prostate cancer and to understand its urgency. Few leaders have done more to advance human health and biomedical research than Dr. Francis Collins. By sharing his perspective and family story, he raises the vitally important consideration of how prostate cancer can run in families. He helps raise critical awareness for thousands of men at higher risk who might not otherwise have considered their potential risk. Additionally, he sets an excellent example on the importance of early detection and of close follow-up with a doctor in the event that a person is diagnosed. PCF sends our best wishes for his upcoming surgery.

We also want to thank him for sharing his participation in medical research. Only 3-5% of all cancer patients who are eligible participate in clinical trials – but clinical studies like the one Dr. Collins is participating in pave the way for the future of cancer care. As a physician-scientist and one of the longest-serving NIH directors, Dr. Collins has delivered hope for millions of Americans facing cancer and other life-threatening diagnoses. Likewise, as he brings his experience and perspective to a disease that affects 1 in 8 U.S. men and takes the lives of more than 30,000 Americans each year, he raises critical awareness and champions research-driven hope for men and families battling prostate cancer.