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Progress Reports

As part of the award agreement, investigators are expected to make routine progress reports. Members of PCF’s Science Department regularly meet with the award winners to check in on their research.

Please check back for new reports as they will be posted as processed.

2009 Creativity Award Reports

2008 Young Investigator Award Reports

2008 Challenge Award Reports

  • Owen Witte, MD
  • Geoff Rosenfeld, MD
  • Pam Sharma, MD, PhD; Neal Rosen, MD, PhD; Jim Allison, PhD
  • Matthew Smith, MD, PhD; Nancy Keating, MD; Michael Pollak, MD; Steve Freedland, MD
  • Daniel Haber, MD, PhD; Matthew Smith, MD, PhD; Mehmet Toner, PhD
  • Howard Scher, MD; Charles Sawyers, MD; Neal Rosen, MD, PhD; Steve Larson, MD
  • Steven Balk, MD, PhD; Pete Nelson, MD; Phil Kantoff, MD; Trevor Penning, PhD