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Prostate Cancer Dream Challenge

The Prostate Cancer DREAM Challenge launched on March 16th and will be running through July 2015; this project is a collaboration with Project Data Sphere, LLC, the DREAM Project, the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and Sage Bionetworks. The objectives of the Challenge are to:

  • address clinically relevant research questions regarding patients with metastatic Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer (mCRPC)
  • explore innovative research/modeling approaches utilizing phase III comparator arm trial data available in the Project Data Sphere® platform

The Challenge data has been integrated from four different clinical trials with over 2,000 mCRPC patients treated with first-line docetaxel. The Challenge encourages participants to develop prognostic models that predict survival, disease progression, and toxicity of chemotherapy treatment in mCRPC patients.

This is the first crowd-sourcing computational challenge for Prostate Cancer. View the Challenge wiki and register to begin participating in the Challenge today by visiting this link: www.synapse.org/#!Synapse:syn2813558

The Project Data Sphere online service (www.projectdatasphere.org) provides one place where the cancer community can broadly share, integrate, analyze and discuss historical patient-level comparator arm data sets (historical patient-level cancer phase III) from multiple providers, with the goal of advancing cancer research. The platform currently contains over 10,000 patient lives, nearly 8,500 of which are across a wide spectrum of Prostate Cancer populations. A subset of this data will be leveraged for the Challenge.