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Questions to Ask Before Starting Chemotherapy
  • Since my PSA is rising again, do we discontinue the androgen deprivation therapy (“hormone therapy”)? Why or why not?
  • Are there additional hormone therapy approaches that we should explore?
  • Should I get a bone scan or CT scan to determine if the cancer has spread to my bones? What will the bone scan tell us?
  • Are there therapies that might help slow down the disease progression, especially to prevent the spread of the cancer to my bones?
  • If there is evidence that the cancer has spread to my bones, how can we treat it, slow down the progression and/or prevent bone pain? Am I a candidate for radiation to these spots?
  • What are all of the treatment options available to me at this time?
  • Is it important to consider the sequencing of treatment options so that we preserve as many options as possible in the future? Are you recommending any treatments that might prevent me from qualifying for a clinical trial in the future?
  • Should we consider chemotherapy?
  • What other treatment(s) might be appropriate and why?
  • What are the side effects of the treatment plan that we have selected?
  • Are there dietary changes that I could or should make to optimize my treatment?
  • Are there any other specialists that we should or could add to my treatment team to gain an additional perspective on treating my disease?
  • Should I consider joining a clinical trial?