Fund a Better Mask

The GREG BROWN 2019 PCF funded Young Investigator James Byrne, M.D., PhD, has both an oncology and engineering background. Dr. Byrne is leading a team of material scientists and nanotechnology scientists at MIT who have redeployed their skills to build a better mask for COVID-19. Fast. Dr. Byrne and his team have developed a way to cheaply mass produce masks that are not only as good as N95 masks, but BETTER – they can be REUSED over and over, re-sterilized by readily available methods in any clinic around the world that can boil water. The mask also forms a better PROTECTIVE SEAL in early field testing. The manufacturing price per mask could be as little as $5 each, with the per-use costs being just a fraction of that.  The masks are molded with the same material used in anesthesia masks.

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