The Future of Prostate Cancer Detection: Man’s Best Friend

A collaboration with PCF, Medical Detection Dogs UK, M.I.T., and Johns Hopkins University

For centuries, everyone from hunters to scientists has been capitalizing on dogs’ extraordinary sense of smell. Now an innovative collaboration funded by the Prostate Cancer Foundation aims to harness this power into what will someday be a “robotic” sensor – mimicking what dogs know and humans don’t: how to detect the most lethal forms of prostate cancer and save men’s lives. (Dogs to the rescue, yet again!)

Phase 1: Peer reviewed study confirming that dogs can smell prostate cancer. (read more)
Phase 2: 800 “citizen scientist” urine data samples needed from men with prostate cancer to train 4-6 bio-detection dogs so that samples can be input into an A.I..
Phase 3: PCF global scientists harness this data to build a machine nose prototype.
Final Phase: Your cell phone just might tell you that you have prostate cancer before your doctor does.

Watch a replay of the Facebook Live broadcast (Tuesday April 6th), with PCF’s Julie DiBiase interviewing our team of researchers who discuss their work training dogs in the detection of prostate cancer and other human diseases!


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