Grand to Grand Ultra: Can Muhit Do It?



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This September, Muhit Rahman is taking the ultimate challenge, traveling solo across 170 miles of rugged desert and jagged mountains. As a survivor of prostate cancer, it is his goal to raise awareness of this disease while also funding the research that will cure it. Please join Muhit in supporting the important work of the Prostate Cancer Foundation and/or the International Rescue Committee (IRC) by pledging a per mile donation today. Thank you so much for your support!

A Personal Note from Muhit:

In an effort to break out of my sedentary lifestyle I have decided to try to run the Grand-to-Grand Ultra (G2G). To be honest, I actually plan to hike most of it. At 170 miles, the G2G is just a bit longer than my longest run to date (the 30 mile Griffith Park Ultra) but the good news is that I will have six days and six hours to complete it. The bad news… well, where do I start?

  • The entire course is above 5,000 feet in elevation and ends around 8,700 feet where the oxygen concentration is down to ~15%.
  • There’s going to be about 18,000+ feet of elevation gain (the equivalent of climbing roughly 18 Empire State Buildings).
  • Temperatures will range from as low as freezing or near freezing to as high as 86° Fahrenheit (~30° Celsius).
  • The terrain is rough and rugged, with cactus, soft sand, slot canyons and even towering sand dunes.
  • I have to carry everything I need in a backpack, including food for six and a half days. Fortunately, each night the organizers will refill my water supplies and provide a tent to sleep in.

Please join me on this crazy adventure and show your support by pledging a per mile donation – for the Prostate Cancer Foundation and/or the International Rescue Committee (IRC). The first, obviously, because I continue to be a prostate cancer survivor and I am grateful for the assistance that PCF provided me and so many others. The second, because between the Rohingyas and the asylum seekers at our own borders, I am acutely aware of the desperation of refugees.

I hope to have a lot of fun. Warped fun, possibly, but still, fun. You can join my journey by pledging any amount per mile. My goal is to get to $500 per mile – and to finish the entire 170 mile course!

So, who’s with me? Please show your support by clicking either of the links below. Thank you in advance for your support.