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“Without the funds to do research, we won’t have the next generation of researchers”
Listen as Prostate Cancer Foundation Investigators speak about why every dollar counts in the fight against prostate cancer

January 31, 2014 — Urologist and PCF-funded researcher Dr. Isla Garraway, followed in her father’s scientist footsteps. While working on her PhD, Garraway’s dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. “The minute I found out he had prostate cancer all my priorities shifted. How could I focus on researching anything else?” said Garraway.

“Without the funds to do research, we won’t have the next generation of researchers,” says Garraway.

Read more about Dr. Isla Garraway’s work against prostate cancer, how cancer affected her father and why she and her brother, Dr. Levi Garraway—also a PCF-funded researcher—are determined to help find a cure for this disease.

Dr. Andrew Goldstein is a PCF Young Investigator whose recent research has identified a cell type that seems to power prostate cancer growth. This may lead to new drugs that can target those cells, and help halt cancer growth.

Investing in research in order to better understand the basis of disease is absolutely essential, says Goldstein, to solve the complexities of prostate cancer and bring about cures.

PCF-funded researcher, Dr. Akash Patnaik

“Science is an investment in the future and I think it’s an investment that will guarantee rewards in the years to come,” Dr. Patnaik.

Read more about Dr. Patnaik’s work looking into why obesity can often limit life expectancy in men with prostate cancer.