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Angie W
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My name is Angie. I am 36 years old. This story is about my Daddy, Angel. He is and has always been the most reliable and responsible person in this world for his family and extended family. That is why I am telling our story. We were born and raised in Mexico and migrated to the United States in 1992 when my brothers who were twins born prematurely had to be airlifted to the U.S. because they had no chance of survival in Mexico. My Daddy worked really hard, literally, to obtain his citizenship and little by little help us obtain ours. We went through so much when we first came to the U.S. with my Daddy having to work really hard to raise his family of 5 on minimum wage… Buying twice as much of formula and diapers. He was strict with us which back then I didn’t understand why, but now I completely understand why and thank him so much for raising us the way he did. I have 4 brothers, and I am the only girl and the oldest. You see, for anything that we have needed, any obstacle, my Daddy was always there, no matter the time, the day or the place. No questions asked.

On September 3rd, 2019 my husband, my 4 kids and myself had just came back from vacation. My Daddy wasn’t feeling well. He had a fever and hernia that had been bothersome for some time and checked into the ER. He has always been very stubborn and selfless, he loves to help out but doesn’t like to ask for help. I remember I was working that day and my husband was off work that day. I told him to take my mom to go see my Daddy. They got there just in time to get the news that crushed our world: they suspected cancer. I remember not hearing anything from them, so on my lunch break I called and called and finally my mom broke the news to me. We were devastated to say the least.

From that day on, we have been inseparable. When I say that, I mean, my husband and our kids moved in to their house and left our house to our cat Xena. We live in San Antonio, Texas and right now my Daddy has weekly treatment appointments at MD Anderson in Houston. That is where they confirmed he had prostate cancer with bone metastasis. I have not missed any appointments because I want to make sure that he knows that we are in this together. Just like I told him from the beginning, we will get through this together. He is such a strong man, I am amazed on how much of a fighter he is and how positive he stays. I am also grateful for the support we have from my husband and mother, whether it is my mother staying in San Antonio to watch my kids or my husband taking time off to have my mother accompany us to the appointments. My Daddy doesn’t speak perfect English and sometimes he shies away from asking questions. I have a backpack that I take to every appointment where I keep a journal and record his weight gain/loss and the questions I want to ask to the doctors at our appointments.

See, I’m no expert, this is all so new to us but I can tell you that I research and research and ask away. From the research, I’ve come across some supplements that have helped him in this journey and he has been open to try them. I cannot say everything has been rainbows and butterflies. As we all know, treatment takes a toll on cancer patients and my Daddy is no exception. He has those days where he’s mad at the world but I know to remain patient This is not about me and I do not take it personally because I can only imagine, he has it way worse. Medication causes him to swell from his legs and I also give him his nightly leg massages to help with the swelling. I would do anything for my Daddy. The love I have for him is unconditional. He always gets told by the staff at the hospital that he has such a great support system and that helps tremendously in this journey. I am so flattered that the staff see this, but I would do everything else there is to come in order to help him in this. I want to be there with him all the way no matter what, just like he was with us. Te amo Papi.


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