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8 years ago I lost my only beautiful sister to a rare brain disease, affecting one in a million globally. From diagnosis to passing was a mere 7 weeks and one day. She left behind two beautiful boys and a wonderful husband.The boys were 13 and 15.
My grief was relentless. I grew up on a farm in the middle of NSW. My dad had passed away four years prior to my sister’s death, leaving mum alone, to grieve and run a farm.
One day I just woke and thought “ I need to go home”. Packed up our lives, left our two grown children and came to mum. She is now 85 and ailing. 18 months ago my beautiful husband was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. All treatments have been exhausted. So we were told to “ go and live your best life”.
Every day, both mum and my husband get nearer to their expiry dates. I feel fortunate that I can spend the time left making memories between watching their lives fade away .
Caring for loved ones is exhausting
But how lucky am I to still have them.

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