Beth T.

Beth T.
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My husband, Bruce, was diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was 49. He’’s now 64. He had a radical prostatectomy with clear margins but his Gleason score was 8. He retired as a VP of Universal Pictures when he was 59. He developed a bladder stone a few months later and we learned that his PSA had risen. So then he had advanced prostate cancer. He began Eligard injections. The side effects were terrible-many raging hot flashes a day, muscle loss and weak mess and many other things. Thankfully the eligard made his PSA undetectable. He has been on it pretty much every 4 months since then with a couple of “vacations” to confuse the cancer. He goes again later this month for a PSA check and injection. We are thankful although it’s not an easy road. Losing his strength and muscles and having hot flashes and other side effects have been difficult to deal with. I am his caregiver and we fight together.
That has been even more of our mantra as I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer 2 years ago. He has been thrust in the role of caregiver which is a lot with that diagnosis. He is naturally sad. We thought with my genetics that I would live like my mom and dad 98 and 94. But he is tireless in caring for me in so many ways, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I continue to do what I can for him. Our sweet dog, Annie, is also going lame and we help her and mourn for her lack of mobility. We are a fun family-lol.
Our “boys” have been amazing and during the last two years have quarantined so much and taken lots of COVID tests and helped as much as they can. Thankful for all of my boys. Above all we #KFG. The first and last words are Keep and Going so you can use your imagination for the middle word. We have done Walk the Bases and Tour de Tush for prostate and colon cancer. We will continue to be as active and raise money as we can. Above all we try to find defiant joy every day.

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