Charles L.

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About Charles L.

My wife buried my dog. I was diagnosed in 2019 and given a grim prognosis of maybe 2 years. My wife has been a rock and is very active in making sure I don’t overdo anything, as my treatments have left me very weak and consistently. One night our old dog Aticus, stopped eating and clearly was not good. I was an emotional wreck as I lie by old best friend and pet him in his last hours. I finally went to bed. My wife, Teiqueray, woke me up the next day and explained that Aticus had passed away. When I inquired further, she explained she had to use a sled to drag him to the back yard. My wife is a small woman, so this was a feat of love and strength. She also buried him in our back yard. She buried him so I wouldn’t have to. I cry as I write this, not because Aticus is gone, but because I love and appreciate her so much.

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