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I will never be able to thank my wife Kim for the way she has cared for me and for the ordeal that she has weathered,
I have had stage IV prostate cancer  since October of 2014.
At first I received X-ray therapy and my wife actually baked cookies for the staff on several occasions. That was just the beginning.
She has taken me to and been with me at every doctor’s appointment. She is the one who always knew what questions to ask. As the disease progressed I became unable to drive. Kim would take me to wherever I wanted or needed or wanted to go. If I had to be at some location for a period of time, she would drop me off and then pick me up when I was ready. She has insisted that we have a lift chair installed in our home and that I wear a medical alert bracelet.
In December of 2018 things got a lot worse. Since then, I have been in the hospital seven times and was sent to rehabilitation twice. One of those times I was near death. Kim is still employed and yet she was with me every single day day. We have a dog at home so she would have to take care of the dog in the morning. Then she would go home from work to take care of the dog, then come to see me until visiting hours were over. At the most serious times she actually slept in a chair next to me for the night.
She has kept me on track with a proper diet. All of the things that I used to do around the house have been taken over by her.  If she finds me doing something that she believes I should not be doing she insists that I stop.
When I get depressed or start feeling sorry for myself, her emotional support is what gets me through.
Her health is not the best either and yet, she always puts me first.
It humbles me to think of all the things she has done for me and the sacrifices that she has made for me and continues to do.

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