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James S
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A brother had beat the worst Gleason 8 form of prostate cancer one year before I received a high PSA test. Since I was warned that there might be a high probability of having a genetic risk of having inherited a similar high risk cancer, I proceeded to schedule my third prostate biopsy.
After researching the effectiveness of a standard ultrasound guided biopsy to be in the high 80%’s, I decided that I needed to make sure that the biopsy was more accurate and ask for a referral to the University of Chicago where I had a previous biopsy and had a reputation of a high success rate in curing Prostate Cancer.
Dr Gregory P. Zagaja and his team conducted MRI and a Bone Scan to diagnose and to target a painless biopsy which found a high grade cancer that had no indication of metastasis. The prostate & cancer was successfully removed with robotic surgery that allowed me to recover normally activity in a few days with full recover physically to bicycle long distances in 6 weeks. Physical therapy from Chesterton (IN) Physical Therapy eliminate the normal side effects within 6 months. The clean and seamless U of C team effort minimized the trauma of such a major event with a perfect outcome and their referral to Chesterton Physical Therapy eliminated all side effects… Thanks Dr Z and team!


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