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Cancer is eye opening, heart breaking, and life changing. It is not easy on the ears. In fact, it is an ugly word that changes your sense of reality the second your throat tightens as you say it back just to make sure you heard it right, “stage 4, cancer?”

In June 2016, my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. My dad does not have cancer, he is FIGHTING cancer. That summer we spent a lot of time sleeplessly researching and prying for reasons to explain how this could be our reality. My family sat in many appointments as doctors tried to explain this– circling around words. Our mind was turning into a kaleidoscope and we felt a million miles away as we were focusing on preventing any tears from dripping from our eyes. I thought maybe if I didn’t let the words slip from our mouth, it would not be a reality.

My mom has never left my dad’s side. When I think about her, I think about goodness. It always seems too simple and not enough of a word to describe just how amazing she has been. She is consistently faithful and loyal to her faith in God. She is hard working, selfless, and servant-hearted. My mom is so loving towards my dad. Without a doubt she is his biggest supporter and his most encouraging fan. She rarely complains and always takes the time to listen. Every few weeks they travel 8 hours from Lubbock, Texas to Houston, Texas for my dad to get the very best treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center.

My parents are the perfect example of what love is all about. My dad adores my mom and my mom’s love for my dad is evident every day of my life. They hold hands, they walk together, they pray together, they laugh together and are still each other’s best friend. They have the kind of love that stories are written about.

The best gift my parents gave us was their love for each other. Their relationship is and has been a wonderful example of steadfastness, sacrifice, compromise, devotion, respect, friendship, submission, and commitment. They are leaving a legacy for their kids and grandchildren. A life of loving Jesus and choosing to love each other despite the circumstances. I am thankful for my mom’s model, and I desire to repeat it.

My dad is my hero and my mom is right alongside him- every. Step. Of. The. Way. Their love for one another throughout this journey is a beautiful testimony to the power of Christ.


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