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First, Kristen Bell is one of my favorites, and Veronica Mars is superb. My story is still ongoing, as I have incurable prostate cancer (Gleason 9/10 stage four). Been fighting for three and a half years now. Through this time, my wife has been by my side all through the few ups and plenty of downs. When I was told in July of 2016, my wife was so upset. It took some time before me and the nurses could calm her. My wife, who lost her mum to cancer, couldn’t believe this could be happening again. From then on, we went to every appointment together, and there was a huge amount of appointments: scans of all kind, x-rays, many blood tests… All the time, my wife was there. Sometimes she would ask questions, always worrying about me, not knowing when the fateful moment could happen. I was put on the STAMPEDE trial because I had a very aggressive cancer, hormones tablets followed by injections, until my PSA was low enough to have chemotherapy. When that started, we were always taken by my daughter or sister, and my wife would sit next to me, smiling and holding my hand. I went through some bad side effects, but my wife was always there, helping.
After my third chemotherapy session my temperature rose to a hundred plus, we rushed to A and E ,Where I was diagnosed with sepsis and was hospitalised for three days. In that time, my wife stayed with me as many hours as she could, until I was released.
Although I went through more bad times, I was told it had gone into my bones shoulders, ribs, spine and pelvis. My wife would not let me lift anything. She got as much sleep as I did. It got to the stage that she left her job and care taking became her full-time career, for well over two years now. The most frightening thing that happened, apart from the cancer, was when I had kidney stones. The pain was unbearable. My wife sat beside me while I was in hospital, in tears, unable to do anything, watching as nurses and doctors came in and out of the room I was in. I was in the hospital for six days, my wife came twice a day and stayed as long as possible. She either walked or caught a bus, sometimes she would be late but always be there for me.
Once home, she would not let me do anything. She is running around shops and picking up my medication. Even now, my wife comes everywhere with me, always worrying, but always with my health as a top priority. She never shows how she feels, even though I know it’s eating away at her. The good news would be me cancer-free, but she knows different– just enjoying the fact I am with her, fighting as best I can.

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