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I was at The Pentagon during 9/11. When the plane hit, it pulverized, by the Corps of Engineers best estimate, over 5 MILLION TONS OF ASBESTOS-LADEN CONCRETE. As a result, we’re now seeing huge amounts of PC popping up. My wife, Valerie, saw The Pentagon on the TV, and had a lot of neighbor’s come over to be with her until I got home. In 2004 I was Medically Retired due to PTSD.

In March 2015 I had a physical that saw my PSA number, by the Gleason Scale, at 4.2. Not unusual. But 6 months later, “down below”, just didn’t feel right, so I went back. The doctor immediately referred me to a specialist, who did the ‘Dr. Mengele Silver Gun’ sampling and found that my Gleason Score had gone up in 6 months, from a normal 4.2 to almost 12. When the doctor laid out the options, Valerie and I both talked about the best option. We wound up going with radiation, which after 8 weeks of daily 20 minutes- and once the ‘Shot’ had worn off- saw my PSA then at a tolerable .07. It fluctuated from .04 to a .09, and then settled down to a still solid .04. Did it affect my relationship with my wife? Yes, it did, but once we are all past fifty, some things are just accepted. But the best part of this was that while my relationship with Valerie was affected, the radiation allowed me to be here until she died of Septicemia and Diabetes Type 2 in May 2019. According to the doctors, had I not gotten treated as I did, given the speed and type of cancer, I would have died in 2017. Was the radiation’s side effect’s worth it, to give me that time for Valerie when she needed me, and was with her everyday? You bet it was, and I am so glad the treatment gave me that time I wouldn’t have had if I had waited or gone another route. That would not have given me that time for Valerie, the best wife anyone could ever have…


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