Stevie D.

Stevie D.
About Stevie D.

I met my wife Katie in the Summer of 2000. I was a single, goofball, hillbilly comedian, telling jokes and causing trouble in Hollywood. I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, much less a wife, but the moment I saw this tall, striking beauty with her aura of coolness breezing into the Comedy Store, I was smitten! A mutual friend had dragged her there to watch me before they hit the town. The comedy Gods must’ve been looking out for me that night because I made her laugh. Right after I came off stage, I sat next to her and asked her to be the queen of my doublewide. I don’t think she completely got the joke until she saw my Trans Am.
Somehow she must’ve seen a work in progress because a few years later, Katie became Mrs. D. It is no secret that I married up. I am reminded of this daily, especially from my friends from Kentucky. Some who married their cousins. Just kidding.

I knew Katie was a strong woman, but I really saw what she’s made of when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. She was diligent, working the phones, researching, getting me appointments with leading doctors. Never taking for no an answer. All of this while taking care of our little ones, who were babies at the time. She went from stay-at-home mom to cage fighter.
It’s seventeen years later and Katie still handles our hectic life like a boss. We have two beautiful, healthy kids, and a life full of faith and adventure. I’m grateful she challenges me everyday to be a better man, while still tolerating my silliness. Btw, I’m still smitten.

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