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A Classic Dish for Spring

April 28, 2021
A Classic Dish for Spring

What better time than April to try your hand at pasta primavera? It’s the perfect crossover from winter stew to summer salads. Primavera literally means “lightly sautéed spring vegetables” and with the coming of spring, this is the ideal time to try this classic dish (with a healthy twist!). You might think that pasta with veggies already sounds pretty healthy, but there’s a catch to consider.

Traditional pasta is a fairly refined food, made from refined flour and water. White flour can act not dissimilar to sugar in your body, since it’s processed so quickly and – let’s be honest – we often eat so much of it in one sitting.

So this twist does two important things:

  1. It uses one of the newer, high-protein pastas. These pastas substitute some of the white flour for some combination of pea, soy, garbanzo, or lentil flour. All of those legumes are higher in protein, and are absorbed about twice as slowly as white flour.
  2. It bulks up on the veggies and down on the pasta.

This version is also easily modified to be completely vegan.