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Why Your Donations Create So Much More

May 24, 2018

When you donate to PCF, it goes a lot farther than it does elsewhere.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation was started by someone who actually suffered from prostate cancer. After finding a bleak landscape surrounding research into prostate cancer treatments, PCF created and now uses a model of venture philanthropy that has changed the landscape for funding scientific research. Primarily relying on private contributions, PCF takes funds in, and rapidly awards funds to support the world’s most promising research. 82 cents of every dollar donated goes towards our prostate cancer mission.

PCF awards top-tier researchers’ funding requests within 60 days and awards these researchers in no more than 90 days based on a five-page grant application.  This innovative process has allowed PCF to recruit over a 1000 of the best scientists to energize the field through programs such as Young Investigators and Creativity Awards that support groundbreaking, out of the box ideas, to help accelerate discovery.

The $700 million generated directly by PCF over the last 25 years has attracted the infusion of more than $10 billion of additional funding for prostate cancer research—from government agencies, venture capital investments, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, academic research centers and other philanthropies.

All of the private donations, including yours, have created some of the newest, best and most promising medicines on the market, including Xtandi, Zytiga and Provenge. And there are more than 30 promising new medicines in the research pipeline!

Over the last 25 years, the Prostate Cancer Foundation has recreated the way that prostate cancer research has been funded. Make your donation today and watch it multiply into new and innovative advancements for prostate cancer treatments.

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