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Five Things About Prostate Cancer

November 02, 2017

PCF interviewed Bob Dyce, Head of Production at Elara Systems, to find out a little bit more about why they decided to donate their services by doing what they do best: making an animated PSA for PCF.

PCF: How did your team decide to make this video to raise awareness about Men’s Health?

BD: The motivation behind creating a prostate health awareness animation was inspired by a conversation I had with my dad and his lifelong friend. First, you must understand that my father is the quintessential manly-man (think 70-year-old Magnum P.I.) My dad was quick to encourage his friend to take a proactive role with his doctor as he shared his own experience in overcoming BPH.  The end result, he is now “peeing like a teenager”! Once I was able to control my laughter I realized it only takes one bold person proclaiming hope to inspire another to take action. I decided to educate myself and in the end create an animation that can hopefully do the same for others!

PCF: Why did your team decide to focus on prostate health?

BD: Elara Systems produces non-profit animations to raise awareness on health and science topics we feel will serve the greater public. We realized that since prostate health is tied directly to men and men are often reluctant to talk or even think about something private, personal or embarrassing that there was an opportunity to inform. The idea was pitched as a very masculine, straight-talk, no-nonsense approach to presenting information. 

PCF: Do you or anyone on your team know someone who has been affected by Prostate Cancer?

BD: I imagine everyone knows somebody affected by prostate cancer. You just may not be aware of how many people have been affected since it is viewed as such a private issue that is not readily shared, which is a stigma we are trying to break down. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Prostate Cancer can often be overemphasized by men.  Many can have a knee-jerk reaction and their mindset instantly slips to the proverbial ‘nuclear option’, when often the best course of action is to simply watch and wait. We want men to talk to their doctor, talk to their friends and family and apply a sensible, measured approach to their individual issue.

PCF: What does Elara Systems do?

BD: Elara Systems Inc. is a full-service studio with expertise in medical, pharmaceutical and industrial content creation. We have developed 3D medical animations, motion graphics, interactive content, as well as virtual and augmented reality for many of the biggest companies in the healthcare industry. With over 17 years of experience, we’ve mastered the art of blending creativity with technology in a variety of compelling visual mediums.

PCF: What is your role at Elara Systems?

BD: I am the creative director and I lead the production department.

PCF: Any interesting stories or anecdotes that came up during the making-of?

BD: The animation features a caricature of our CEO, Cameron Grant. The protagonist in the story was designed to match his hair, eye color, face shape and snappy sense of style. When we showed a rough cut to the entire company, the production team got the giggles and everyone agreed that the character reminded them of someone very familiar.

PCF: Why is it so important for corporations to give back with these kinds of in-kind donations of support and service?

BD: We believe that people (and businesses) have an obligation to give back to the world. We are a for-profit business, but everyone at Elara Systems has a deep-rooted love of science, arts and humanity. We have honed our ability to visually promote complex science and health issues and it’s a natural next step to donate our expertise to organizations that need to promote awareness.