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Five Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Cancer Patients

February 12, 2019
Five Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special for Cancer Patients

Valentine’s Day may seem like a complete non-priority when you or your loved one is dealing with a cancer diagnosis, but maintaining some romance during this difficult time is good for both your mental and physical health. Whether just diagnosed, currently undergoing treatment, or in remission yet not feeling 100%, here are five ways to make this Valentine’s Day special:

  1. Don’t feel guilty about staying in. Dates at home can be some of the best dates there are –– cancer or no cancer. The trick is to put some intention behind it. Pick a movie or TV show that means something to your relationship. Choose your partner’s favorite meal. It’s these little intentions that make the one you love feel acknowledged and appreciated.
  2. Decorate. Whether you’re at home or at a hospital, decorate with all the cheesy hearts and cupids you can stand. If you look around the room and it looks like it does every other day, it is going to feel like every other day.
  3. Take a walk down memory lane. You know all those old photo albums you haven’t looked at in years? This is the perfect time to blow the dust off of all those wonderful memories and remind yourselves of the beautiful life you have built together. They may make you laugh, cry, or wish you could turn back in time and NEVER get that haircut. That’s all part of the fun!
  4. Plan your next adventure. Cancer is greedy. It wants to take all of your time, energy, and attention. Planning for a time when cancer is no longer the first thing on your mind will help you have something to look forward to and get excited about. Go wild, too! This is not the time to talk about whether a post-treatment vacation is financially wise. This is a time to visualize your future in a positive way!
  5. Be intimate. Relax, you don’t have to pull out all the stops for this. It’s less about recreating the car scene from Titanic and more about paying intimate attention to each other. Kiss your loved one good morning AND goodnight. Hold hands. Tell her she’s beautiful. Tell him he’s the strongest man you know. You get the idea. It’s the little things.

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