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How You Can Help Defeat Coronavirus

April 28, 2020
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People all around the world have been dealing with a universal crisis, the likes of which haven’t been seen in our lifetimes. With a constant stream of troubling news coming in while we’re cooped up, it is easy to fall into a spiral of feeling hopeless and helpless. But even with all that is happening, there is still plenty to be hopeful for, and a lot we can do to help make a difference.

By social distancing, washing our hands for 20 seconds, not touching our faces, and wearing a cloth mask in public, we are already doing a big part in slowing the spread of COVID-19. And for those overachievers who are really looking to take a stand against the coronavirus……here are a few extra things you can do that will make a huge difference.

Donate Blood

We are currently in a blood donation crisis because so many people who usually donate have stopped on account of the coronavirus. But there is still a great need for blood, so if you are willing to donate, this might just be the excuse to leave your house you’ve been looking for. And all in the name of helping people who desperately need it. You can visit the American Red Cross website where they are now scheduling appointments to ensure social distance while you donate.

Help Fund Better Masks For Health Workers

Homemade masks are a great way to do what we can for the time being, but what healthcare workers really need right now are N-95 masks, or masks that are certified to protect from viruses. We at PCF are proud to be working with PCF-funded Young Investigator Dr. James Byrne on a better mask for healthcare workers. This mask will be reusable, certified to protect against viruses, and could cost less than a dollar to make! If you want to help support this project visit our Better Mask page.

Take On Shopping For Those At Highest Risk

If you have any friends, relatives, or neighbors who are elderly or immunocompromised, consider collecting their list and doing their grocery shopping for them when you go out to do yours. This small gesture can help protect those at highest risk for coronavirus from contracting the disease. Planning to take the night off from cooking yourself? Your neighbor might feel the same way. Ask them if they’d like to put in an order when you’re getting takeout.

Spend Virtual Time With Those Who Have Been Hit Hard By COVID-19

Maybe you’re already participating in many FaceTime and Zoom calls with work, friends, and family. But the elderly, people with mental health disorders, and maybe even just that acquaintance who lost their job and doesn’t know how they’re going to make ends meet can really benefit from someone reaching out to them during quarantine. Even people with a house full of family may be dealing with loneliness at this time, so taking extra attention to reach out to those who may be feeling more alone than ever can have a hugely positive impact. It doesn’t have to be a video call either: simply making a phone call, chatting with a neighbor over the fence, or even writing a letter will do the trick!

Make and Donate Masks

As many now know, we are in desperate need of masks, particularly in the healthcare industry. If you already have sewing skills or are willing to take the time to watch a few YouTube tutorials, you can make masks to donate to those who need them most. Make sure you use the proper materials so that the mask can be used in certain healthcare settings: here’s one example.

These are just a few of the ways you can help take a stand against the coronavirus. Remember, we are all in this together, and every little thing counts.

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Aaron Gomez
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