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London to Paris for Prostate Cancer

May 14, 2018
London to Paris for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer can be a devastating diagnosis to some men and their families, but it can also be an opportunity to focus on what is most important to us. When Sir Hugh Laddie, a retired high court judge in London and professor at the University College of London was diagnosed, his family rallied around him. After a hard battle and the best medical treatment available, Hugh passed away from prostate cancer, but his memory lives on in his son, Gideon Lang-Laddie.

Hugh’s passing lit a fire under Gideon. He was determined to do something to help accelerate prostate cancer research so no other families would have to go through what he did. “I wanted to do anything for the sons, sisters, wives, daughters or girlfriends of men with prostate cancer. I wasn’t a doctor; I didn’t know how to cure the disease. But, I knew how I could raise funds for research and get all the people who loved my father to join me in supporting this.” So, nine years ago, he created his first cycling fundraiser, called PROSTATE1000, which raised an impressive $65,000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Over the years, Gideon’s enthusiasm and dedication to the cause has only grown larger. Now working in real estate with The Agency in Beverly Hills, he is returning to his British roots and riding again to raise money for prostate cancer research. This time, he wants it to be even bigger. Gideon and his eleven team members, all friends from New York, Los Angeles, London, Zürich and elsewhere, plan to cycle from London to Paris along the “Green Route” for a total of 340 miles in three days. Gideon has once again dubbed the undertaking PROSTATE1000, but that is an understatement… the team will actually be riding a cumulative total of 3400 miles.

Gideon is a man of action. In four short months, he was able to plan the ride and convince his friends to join him for this epic bike tour. Although the ride is self-funded (each member is paying their own way to London), the team has also received support from organizations like The Agency in LA, Social Theory PR, Simraceway, Scheckter’s Organic, and Helen’s Bicycles – all of which have pitched in to help the team of riders. Through this support, Gideon and his team are able to donate 100% of the funds raised.

Gideon’s team will start their ride at Hyde Park in London on May 22 and will end at the Eifel Tower in Paris on May 24. The team has set a goal of raising $150,000 and having a lot of fun along the way. You can read more about PROSTATE1000 here or get live updates from the road via Gideon’s Instagram account.

Please join PCF in wishing Gideon and the PROSTATE1000 team good luck and safe travels!