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PCF Researchers – Exploring the Unknown

November 29, 2018

No discovery can be made if you don’t face the unknown and then step beyond it. This is certainly true in the field of prostate cancer research. PCF’s strategy has always been to fund and accelerate research into more and better treatments. Our mission has transformed the world of prostate cancer research, funding and awarding researchers at more than 2000 research programs at 210 cancer centers and universities around the world.

The research that PCF funds is some of the most advanced and cutting-edge prostate cancer research which looks beyond what is currently being done, and which has already resulted in amazing new treatments for prostate cancer and hopefully one day, a cure. The breakthroughs that PCF-funded researchers have made were considered science fiction 10 years ago. Now, we know that they can be considered science fact.

PCF Young Investigator Joaquin Mateo is a prime example of the amazing researchers we fund. Lead Researcher at Vall’ D’ Hebron Institute of Oncology in Barcelona, has always wanted to go beyond. “The concept of traveling and visiting new places was appealing back then,” he says. “It’s going to the unknown and trying to progress, opening new doors to things no one has looked at before. And that is how we advance.”

Mateo now lives in Barcelona where he works with a prostate cancer research team trying to optimize precision medicine strategies for new patients with the help of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. “I think that the work that PCF is doing is amazing and I think that the work PCF is doing is taking us closer and closer to the end of prostate cancer.”

Like he says, when many people work together, and embrace and challenge the unknown, advances can be made every day and therefore, there is always hope for better treatments and even a cure, for prostate cancer. And that is how PCF works: funding amazing research that will yield new treatments for men with prostate cancer.