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November 08, 2018

You Don’t Have a PROSTRATE Gland

Sure, these words are easy to mix-up: Prostate. Prostrate. But, they are two VERY different words. That one little R really makes a difference when you are either talking about or looking up cancer, because while there is no prostrate cancer, there is prostate cancer. And here at the Prostate Cancer Foundation we want you to be clearly understood when looking into this disease.

Here is an easy way to remember:

PROSTATE is a ping-pong ball-sized squishy gland inside the male reproductive system between the bladder and the penis that is necessary for reproduction

PROSTRATE is an adjective or verb meaning to lay stretched out on the ground facing downward

You can see how easy it is to mis-use the two, but knowing the distinction will help you down the road. If you still have a hard time remembering the distinction, then you can always remember pcf.org. We keep the spelling simple and provide you with the latest and most useful information about prostate cancer.

You can even prostrate while you browse our website.