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Stress and Cancer

September 05, 2018

The physiology of your body has a lot to do with cancer

As Suzanne Conzen, MD (University of Chicago) knows, there isn’t any question that there is an interaction between the physiology of the human body – that is the state of your mental and physical health – and cancer. Extreme stress can have an accumulative effect on the body’s physiology, allowing prostate cancer to take root and grow. Staying positive and controlling your overall mental health, through diet, exercise, and maintaining a positive outlook is important in helping to prevent and control your disease. We’ve even written that prostate cancer loves a couch potato.

Studies have shown that vigorous exercise significantly reduces the risk for prostate cancer recurrence and eating well and exercising has a positive effect on inflammation and stress on the body, which is a key to prostate cancer prevention. PCF has written many times about the need for a good diet and exercise, and we have created some of the best, well-received patient guides on healthy living in the prostate cancer area, which you can download at our website.

There are many reasons to reduce stress on the body:

  • Hormones made while under stress make it easier for the tumor to grow and the cancer to spread.
  • Stresscan also affect your immune system.
  • Studies show that stress interferes with the way certain cells in your immune system work. In particular, it affects cells that find and kill emerging cancer

To alleviate stress on the body, there are steps you can take:

  • Train in relaxation, including meditation
  • Seek counseling, including therapy and group social support
  • Take up as vigorous exercise as possible

Remember, the physical toll on your body whether physical or mental stress, can be unhealthy and should be limited as much as possible. So, take care of yourself and be healthy!