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The Value of PCF

May 31, 2018

What kind of organization has a goal to “go out of business?” We do, that’s who.  (No, really.)

Around the office here, we have an internal goal to put ourselves out of business in the next five years by eliminating all death from prostate cancer.

How are we going to do that? And how has PCF changed the face of prostate cancer research and treatments over the last 25 years? Watch the video to see what we’ve done and what we continue to accomplish.

“PCF has created an ecosystem for not only understanding how prostate cancer works, but how to develop better treatments for it,” says PCF-funded researcher and mentor Kenneth J. Pienta, M.D. at the Johns-Hopkins School of Medicine.

In 25 years, PCF has grown a vibrant and exciting field of researchers in prostate cancer that focus on cutting edge, high risk, high reward treatments. This isn’t just basic research. We fund science that makes a difference in the lives of families that have been touched by cancer. PCF’s investment in innovative research has led to six out of the ten most recently FDA approved drugs for prostate cancer.

As we’ve done for the last 25 years, the Prostate Cancer Foundation continues to turn donations into results. As Dr. Ana Aparicio of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center says “This is the best dollar spent in cancer research today.”